Archaelogical Museum of Milos

Archaelogical Museum of Milos

Once you rent a car or a ATV or a buggy from Rac SA you can go to see the Archaeological museum of Milos.

The Archaeological Museum of Milos is in Plaka and includes collections of features samples from throughout the history of the island. The Archaeological Museum of Milos is housed in a neoclassical 19th century converted into a museum in 1985.

Without a doubt the most impressive of the exhibits of the museum is a plaster copy of the Venus de Milo in the front hall, the entrance of the museum. The replica is offering the Louvre, which is the famous original statue of the goddess. Also a stunning exhibit at the museum of Milos is the famous Lady of Phylakopi.

The Archaeological Museum of Milos includes important artifacts from the prehistoric settlement of Phylakopi and from the archaeological site at Klima.

To have a complete picture of the findings in the excavations at Apple must be seen and the Cycladic collection of the Archaeological Museum of Athens, where the exhibits and from the four residential periods Fylakopi (3300-1100 BC), are important part of (ground-hall 6). The collection in the Archaeological Museum of Milos also includes fine examples Obsidian (Obsidian), which played such an important role in the early development of the island.

Major exhibits are outdoors and the Archaeological Museum of Milos. The outdoor exhibits are real gems perfectly matched with the museum and prepare you in the best way for you to visit in covered collections.

Archaeological Museum of Milos

Plaka, Milos (Cyclades)

Tel: +30 22870 21620

Archaelogical Museum