Information about Milos Island

Information about Milos Island

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Milos is an ideal destination for your holidays. Has it all. First of all, has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean and this thanks to the volcanic geological environment. Milos from antiquity is known for its mineral wealth. This wealth is responsible for the colorful and great variation in the entire coastline of the island, but also the inside.

In Milos apart from its beautiful beaches, you will have the opportunity to visit a very important archaeological sites and museums and traditional villages. During your stay in Milos will not miss you and nightlife and culinary delights as well as local cuisine and local products of the island, will compensate the above.

What you need on your vacation in Milos is to have several days to catch up to see as much as possible and swim in as many beaches. A nice option that I consider essential to many Greek islands but especially for Apple is must, is to choose a daily mini cruise ships that make the island tour and visit most of the inaccessible beaches that you can not see with otherwise. Is a day of your vacation in Milos to spend in this way to navigate the island. Happy Holidays to the beautiful Milos!

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Milos Useful Telephones

Health Center
Tel: +30 22870 22700- 22701

Rural Health Center Adamas
Tel: +30 22870 21755

Police Station
Tel: +30 22870 21204

Tourist Police
Tel: +30 22870 21378

Tourist Information
Tel: +30 22870 22445

Milos Airport
Tel: +30 22870 22381

Port Police Milos
Tel: +30 22870 22100

Tel: +30 22870 22282

Tel: +30 22870 21230

Rent a Car
Tel: +30 22870 28036

Travel Agency
Tel: +30 22870 41020